How to send an email campaign?

Most of the professional internet marketers usually create ongoing email campaigns to market their online businesses and increase their incomes. But by just doing an email campaign will not work. There are some important elements which need to be kept in mind to be successful. According to a recent research done it shows that around 67% of the marketers in the world have rated that email campaign is the most effective marketing tools nowadays. But to create an email campaign you require some skills so that people actually open your email when they receive them in their inbox.

Here are some tips for successful email marketing campaign.

1. Create an interesting subject line to develop interest and gain attention

First and foremost create an email marketing campaign with an interesting subject line to grab the attention of the reader so that he wants to read contents of the email. Think of a good interesting and catchy subject line or else no matter anything you do will be a waste if no one is interested in opening your emails. Make sure you keep your target market engaged with interesting stuff to offer them. Keep them engaged by asking them their opinions or doing an online poll. The basic idea is to develop their interest to remain a part of your emailing list.

2. Include an opt out option to unsubscribe

Make sure to include opt out option to unsubscribe when you email your mailing list. This option provides them an easy way to remove themselves from your list when they no longer wish to receive your email. This requirement is necessary if you don’t want to be labeled as spam and avoid causing you problems in future.

3. Give a personal touch to your email campaign

Always try to communicate as if talking directly to the reader. Give a personal touch to your email marketing campaign to show as if you have written specially for one person. This way you make them think as your friend and someone who actually care for them. The intention is to keep them engaged in the conversation which is already going on in their minds.

4. Use a good auto responder

Always make sure to use a good and reliable auto responder who will send emails for you. You need to just write the email once and then automatically all the new joiners in your list can go through sequence of your emails easily. Your auto responder works 24 hours a day and seven days a week like a customer service department for you. It is one of the best methods for your email marketing campaign as it is possible to send out a predetermined set of emails to your target audience over a period.

Use Mail Chimp and iContact

Nowadays, Mail Chimp and iContact has become popular email marketing and responder service. The mail chimp service is free of cost and you can send twelve email broadcasts every month. The mail chimp will start charging you on monthly basis after a certain number in your account. Also, iContact offers a 30 day free trial pack and its price is very competitive.

What are the various drawbacks of using Outlook for email campaign?

By using outlook you are unable to email individual recipients directly and hence it is impossible to personalize your emails. The second drawback is the inability to track record of the number of recipients who have opened your newsletter. Also the traditional mailing list does not offer the facility to unsubscribe, whereas Mail Chimp offers the facility to unsubscribe at the foot of the message.

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